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Nasza stal buduje Twój świat.

Znajdziesz ją także w swoim samochodzie, w swojej pralce, lodówce i mikrofalówce.

Inwestujemy, by produkcja była bardziej przyjazna środowisku.

W ubiegłym roku w krakowskiej hucie za ponad pół miliarda złotych unowocześniliśmy nasze instalacje.

W hucie w Dąbrowie Górniczej za 700 mln złotych modernizujemy systemy odpylania w stalowni i spiekalni oraz elektrociepłownię.

W Zdzieszowicach uruchomiliśmy nowy wydział węglopochodnych za 200 mln złotych.

Corporate responsibility

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Transparent Governance

ArcelorMittal's commitment to maintaining high standards and best practices in corporate governance in terms of transparency is essential for the Company's prosperous development.

In our view, good business practices ensure long-term business success. We want to sustain a reputation for the highest possible standards of ethics and transparent governance.

Compliance programme

The Compliance Programme was implemented in ArcelorMittal Poland and its subsidiaries in June 2007 and revised in October 2008.

Compliance Policies include the following:

- ArcelorMittal Data Protection Procedure

- Receiving & Giving Gift & Entertainment Procedure

- Code of Business Conduct

- Insider Dealing Regulations

- Anti-trust Compliance Guidelines

- Whistleblower Policy,

- Human Rights Policy

- Anti-fraud Policy

- Anti-corruption guidelines

- Economic Sanctions Overview

- Economic Sanctions Guidelines

Currently, the programme consists of 8 modules. - Anti-Corruption Guidelines were introduced in 2009. In October 2010 the Human Rights Policy was added as part of the programme.


According to the Compliance Programme, every employee is obliged to be familiar with and trained in the Code of Business Conduct, the Whistleblower Policy and HR policy. Additionally, defined groups of employees are obliged to be acquainted with and trained in the remaining parts of the programme. Trainings are conducted face-to-face and online and repeated every 3 years. Additionally, the scope of particular programme components is determined by the corporate legal office and published on ArcelorMittal’s Intranet site.

Structure of company management bodies

Transparent principles of conduct are a standard within ArcelorMittal. Hence, trade union representatives are members of the Supervisory Board of ArcelorMittal Poland. Employee representatives also take part in company management meetings.


ArcelorMittal aims for integrity, fairness and ethical behaviour in all its business relations. In order to facilitate reporting illegal or unethical behavior please use the following web link:, or call this number: 00-800-151-0029.