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Nasza stal buduje Twój świat.

Znajdziesz ją także w swoim samochodzie, w swojej pralce, lodówce i mikrofalówce.

Inwestujemy, by produkcja była bardziej przyjazna środowisku.

W ubiegłym roku w krakowskiej hucie za ponad pół miliarda złotych unowocześniliśmy nasze instalacje.

W hucie w Dąbrowie Górniczej za 700 mln złotych modernizujemy systemy odpylania w stalowni i spiekalni oraz elektrociepłownię.

W Zdzieszowicach uruchomiliśmy nowy wydział węglopochodnych za 200 mln złotych.

Corporate responsibility

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Taking care of our employees


ArcelorMittal Poland’s employees are trained continually at all organizational levels. For line employees specialist technical and technological trainings are developed, enhancing their skills and efficiency in a given position. For the people at the managerial levels, we have prepared specialized trainings developing their management skills.

Talent Academy

Talent Academy is a development programme for experienced steelmakers and young engineers recently employed at ArcelorMittal Poland. The Academy, preparing newly recruited employees for managerial posts and developing their specialist competencies is the answer to the age gap at the company. Within the framework of the programme, newly recruited engineers and employees with many years of experience – experts in the field of steelmaking – learn from each other. Young steelmakers get to know the tricks of the trade and acquire skills in project or change management, while their mentors are trained in communication skills, coaching, mentoring and assertiveness.

Management Academy

We started trainings within the framework of Management Academy back in 2006. Participants include employees in managerial positions – from shift leader to unit directors, who are trained in areas particularly important to ArcelorMittal, such as change management, individual and team leadership, shaping organizational culture and coaching. The basic training module lasts a full year and it is complemented by a graduation gala, during which all students who managed to get credits receive diplomas and birettas. They also have a chance for the very last time to check their knowledge during a humorous quiz with attractive prizes. So far over 850 students have graduated from the Academy.

Language courses

We are part of global ArcelorMittal Group and Hus, speak English with our colleagues from all over the world. Our employees have the opportunity of taking language classes – both in groups and on a one-to-one basis. They can also subscribe to the online course – “Spexx”, used by over 7 thousand people from the entire Group.

Development within the Group

260 thousand employees in 60 countries means that we need to share our knowledge and exchange our experiences. This is done via international meetings organized within the framework of two corporate programmes: Agora and KMP (Knowledge Management Programme (KMP).