A living Christmas tree in front of the Krakow’s plant


On December 9, in front of the main gate of ArcelorMittal Poland (Ujastek 1 street), anyone who brings at least 2,5 kg of waste paper will receive a living Christmas tree. This is another pro-ecological initiative conducted by ArcelorMittal and Dziennik Polski. During the last event we were giving out heathers, now is time for conifers: white spruces, Chinese junipers, and pines.

The event is aimed at promoting waste segregation.

- The more economies grow, the more waste is created, which is a serious threat to environment and our health. Such promotional events are just necessary, that is why ArcelorMittal Poland supports these projects. It also helps to integrate local society and to create desirable behaviours towards environmental problems – underlines Jolanta Zawitkowska, green officer at ArcelorMittal Poland Unit in Krakow. - Waste management, recycling and reduction of raw materials and energy are important elements of the company’s strategy. Slag and dust is, for example, used to build roads and to produce cement – she adds.

On the 1st July, new legislation on waste separation came into force. According to the new legal requirements an updated colour coding system has been introduced to help ensure that waste is disposed correctly via the correct waste stream. Waste must be now separated in the following way: blue – paper, green – glass (transparent, colour), yellow – metal and plastic, brown - biodegradable waste. Batteries and old appliances and electronics can be disposed at designated collection points, located in each municipality.

Municipal solid waste consists mainly of organic waste and paper. Segregating one tonne of paper equals to saving 17 trees.

Every year each of us produces more than 300 kg of waste, and only a small part of it is recycled and reused. At this moment the level is slightly above 25 per cent. Due to recommendations from the EU Commission we should obtain the level of paper, glass, metal and plastic reuse of 50 per cent by 2020.

The event’s organizers invite everyone at the main gate on the 9th of December, from 10am to 2pm. As before, the famous actor Tomasz Schimscheiner, will encourage citizens to participate in.