ArcelorMittal Poland will cooperate with the Museum of Metallurgy in Chorzów to promote steel industry in Poland


ArcelorMittal Poland and the Museum of Metallurgy in Chorzów have signed a letter of intent on cooperation to popularize knowledge about the history, present and future of metallurgy and industrial culture in the region. They also plan to implement joint educational activities. ArcelorMittal Poland's plants in Upper Silesia and Zagłębie Dąbrowskie : Huta Królewska, former Huta Florian and Huta Katowice have already supported the exhibition of the emerging museum.

The Museum of Metallurgy, located in Metalworkers’ Street in Chorzów, is a huge complex, covering the area of over 2,500 sq m,  filled to the brim with material traces of the history of metallurgy and steel production in Poland. One of the main attractions of the museum is the permanent exhibition "Kingdom of Iron", where people can admire machines, archival photographs. The main axis of the exhibition are  memorabilia and memories of former steelworkers.

- The collection gathered in our museum is really impressive. It contains both large exhibits, such as metallurgical machines, as well as a whole lot of photos, historical drawings and technical plans. ArcelorMittal Poland supported the preparation works connected with content-related input. One of the exhibition stand was also created in cooperation with the company. We are convinced that the exhibition will allow us to feel the atmosphere of the epoch in a tangible way and understand how metallurgy has developed and changed over the centuries - says Adam Kowalski, director of the Museum of Metallurgy in Chorzów.

The museum devoted to the iron and steel industry of industrial revolutions times will be opened end of November in the hall of the over 100-year-old Huta Królewska power plant. According to the ambitions of organizers, museum is of great importance for the steel industry and for the education of future generations.

- This is a very important place on the map of Silesia, which will popularise knowledge about the steel industry and shape the technical competences of young people. The role of the former Huta Królewska, and now unit of ArcelorMittal Poland in the development of the region and the city of Chorzów is worth mentioning.. By signing the letter of intent with the Museum of Metallurgy, we want to implement joint activities to promote the steel industry. Steel has enormous potential because building the sustainable future, through i.a. decarbonization, will be based on steel solutions. We hope that this initiative will also encourage young people pursue a career in steelmaking.. We are already looking for talented people who want to build this future with us - emphasizes Sanjay Samaddar, chairman and CEO of ArcelorMittal Poland

ArcelorMittal Poland’s plants have donated numerous artifacts to the permanent exhibition of the newly created museum: Huta Królewska in Chorzów and Huta Florian in Świętochłowice - technical drawings, devices and souvenirs. Part of the exhibition is an 8-minute movie about metallurgy, in which one of the leading actresses is  ArcelorMittal Poland’s Unit in Dąbrowa Górnicza - former Huta Katowice. The film explains role and history of steel and iron in creating the world we know.

As part of the cooperation for the integration of the local community, ArcelorMittal Poland is also going to support  yet another of the museum’s project - the creation of a unique green space around the facility - a social metallurgical garden.

- Establishing a cooperation between our Museum and the largest steel producer in the world is really a big event. We are all working for the success of our institution, good image of steel industry and cultural heritage. Thanks to the cooperation with ArcelorMittal but also with other entities, museum will take on the character not only as the regional institution but remarkable in the national and European arena. We owe it to the generations of steelworkers who often associated their entire professional life with this place – says Andrzej Kotala, president of Chorzów.