ArcelorMittal Poland signed an agreement regarding solutions for the employees from primary steelmaking operations in Krakow


ArcelorMittal Poland informs that it has signed an agreement with trade unions from Krakow regarding solutions for the employees affected by the permanent closure of the primary steelmaking operations.

- As a large employer in Cracow area we have always been responsible for our employees. It is also the case right now. From the very beginning our goal was to offer as many jobs as possible to the employees of the blast furnace and steel plant in Krakow - says Sanjay Samaddar, chairman and CEO of ArcelorMittal Poland. - We would like to thank our social partners for their openness and dialogue, thanks to which we have managed to reach a compromise within a reasonably short period - he adds.

As ArcelorMittal Poland informed earlier, from the group of 1,200 employees of the primary steelmaking operations in Krakow, so far approx. 550 people have found employment in other plants of the company, retired or chosen a career outside the company. Therefore, solutions for 650 people were needed.

Details of agreed solutions:

- Some employees working for the primary operations provide services also in departments other than the blast furnace and steel shop. Many of them are expected to continue their current assignments.

- Some employees remain at the installations of the blast furnace and steel shop – many of them are going to take care of tasks which Krakow plant performs for Dabrowa Gornicza.

- There is also a group of employees who will retire.

- Another group of employees are those who will soon acquire retirement rights, to whom we are going to offer a pre-retirement package agreed with our social partners. This solution will also be available to employees of other plants in Krakow (rolling mills, coke plant), who are due to retire in the next 12 months.

- For a large number of employees, additional workplaces have been identified at other ArcelorMittal Poland’s plants and at its subsidiaries in Krakow – (e.g. Kolprem and ArcelorMittal Refractories).

- We do realise that the preferred place of work for our employees is Kraków, but we also have recruitment needs at our plants in the province of Silesia and we are going to propose jobs there. In case of open recruitment processes in Krakow those employees commuting to our plants in the province of Silesia will have the right of priority – explains Sanjay Samaddar. - We do realise that commuting means spending longer hours outside home so we are going to offer additional incentives for this extra effort as well as take care of transport – he underlines.

ArcelorMittal Poland guarantees that employees taking up new positions in other plants or subsidiaries, regardless of the location, will maintain their base salary at the same level.