ArcelorMittal Poland’s coke plant in Zdzieszowice implements environmental initiatives worth PLN 90m


The coke plant in Zdzieszowice is carrying out another set of initiatives, which will reduce its environmental footprint. The value of all the projects amounts to almost PLN 90 m.

- Reducing our environmental footprint is our priority. Last year, we commissioned the modernized by products department, - a project we completed two years ahead the legal deadline. This project cost PLN 205 m. This year we are carrying out other projects worth PLN 90 m– says Czesław Sikorski, board member and COO coke production at ArcelorMittal Poland.

One of the key projects concerns idling batteries no 3 and 4. Coke batteries are built out of series of ceramic chambers and along with additional equipment are used to produce coke.

-These are the oldest batteries located in the vicinity of the residential areas at Korfanty and Kościuszki streets - explains Czesław Sikorski. Coke battery no 4 will be extinguished in September and battery no. 3 – a few months later.   

While we are unhappy about reducing our operational footprint, but at the same time, we are pleased to reduce our environmental footprint. - Idling of these two installations will result in reducing emission of dust by 18 percent and gases by 17 percent – Czesław assures.Six new batteries will stay

The company is also working on the overhaul of battery no. 5. This project will be completed by the end of  2018, and its cost will amount to PLN 58 m.

The scope of work includes, i.a. replacement of the refractory lining of chambers and fittings. Overhaul of the dedusting installation shall be completed much earlier. It will allow us to reduce fugitive emissions of dust and gases in the coke making process – says Wojciech Kaczmarek, plant director. Thanks to this modernization, the annual capacity of battery no. 5 will be preserved for the next 20 years. After the idling of batteries no. 3 and 4, there will be 6 batteries operating at the plant. Reduction of smell

The efficiency of the air-tight sealing installation of the by-products department will be increased by the end of this year; the cost of the project is PLN 25 m. The modernization includes the construction of the coking tar treatment installation, which will allow for replacement of one of the currently working unsealed installation of tar storage. The project also includes the reconstruction of the  main collectors, which will improve efficiency of gas exhaustion. It shall limit the intensity of smells in the area of by-produsts department.  

Innovative sewage treatment plant

In December the final stage of modernization of the biological sewage treatment plant was completed. The industrial and urban (from Zdzieszowice, Lesnica and Walce municipalities) waste water is treated there. Projects carried out earlier in the plant amounted to PLN 42 m and the cost of the recent investment is PLN 4 m. Innovative solutions were applied which allow for effective mixing of oxidizing agents with treated waste water. Due to this solution the efficiency of the plant was increased.