ArcelorMittal Poland to patronize a theatre play about the Nowa Huta district


The theatre play is about the citizens of the Nowa Huta district and is exactly for them. The premiere of the play titled “Wils’ Identity” will take place on 2 December at the Folk Theatre, directed by Gabriela Muskała. ArcelorMittal Poland is the patron of the spectacle, which was created based on interviews and talks to citizens of the district.

Audiences and actors will move in time and space to many places, such as the Nowohucki lagoon to catch fish, try dumplings at the Stylowa restaurant, the Young Worker’s House and the Central Bar.

They will travel with the main character of the play. A man who lost his memory and is trying to take back his identity. The only hint that has left are the initials on his coat – “WIL”, which are possibly referring to Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (acronym in Polish Is “WIL”) who might be searching for his identity, just as the district itself these days.

To recreate a reliable and realistic story of the labour class district, which was built over a half century ago, authors of the spectacle talked to and heard many stories from citizens,  and visited a number of important places, including the Krakow’s plant of ArcelorMittal Poland. In fact, the district was built, because of the former Huta Lenina plant.

Actors from the Folk Theatre spent some time at the plant premises to feel better this  historic place and it clearly made a big impression on them, which resulted in inventing original and realistic theatre story.

The premiere takes place: 2 Debember, 7pm, Stolarnia Scene, Folk Theatre, Teatralne 34 estate.

The other dates are: 3, 13, 14 December, 6, 10, 14 January.