Cracow: We support ophthalmological unit of Żeromski hospital


At the end of last year, ArcelorMittal Poland donated 50 000 PLN to hospital S. Żeromskiego in Kraków. Donation helped to co-financed purchase of specialized laser for ophthalmological unit.

The total cost of such equipment is 100 000 PLN, half of this amount was financed from city council budget and half from ArcelorMittal Poland donation. This specialized laser is a necessary equipment at each ophthalmological unit. It is used to treat patients with diabetics, detachment of retina or other urgent retina problems. About 300 patients a year will be treated with the equipment.

- This hospital was built along with steel plant, for its employees and residents of district. It grew old along with the steel plant and now requires modernization. We are very glad that we could help in purchasing new equipment and contributed to modernization of one of hospital’s ward. Both adults and small citizens of Kraków will use the equipment – says Karolina Muza, head of CR at ArcelorMittal Poland.  

Hospital named S. Żeromski is one of the biggest medical centers in Małopolska voivodship and is under modernization currently.