Easter eco-postcards from ArcelorMittal Poland for the Nowa Huta district


Seniors from the activity centres for seniors in the Nowa Huta district, the Council of Seniors in Krakow and elderly people who spend their free time in the neighbouring allotments were invited by ArcelorMittal Poland to free workshops to create recyclable Easter eco-postcards made from various fabrics.

Newspaper clippings, buttons, narrow tapes, lace – all these fabrics, that seem to be useless at first sight, were used to create a unique Easter postcards.

- We are glad to cooperate with another group of the citizens, people who want to be active and who, just like us, care about the Nowa Huta district. I am convinced that together we can pursue many social projects in the future with the citizens from this district – says Karolina Muza-Adamiec, Head of Corporate Responsibility, ArcelorMittal Poland.

During the workshops titled “Recycled postcards. A gift from the plant to the Nowa Huta”, seniors together with Małgorzata Szymczyk-Karnasiewicz, a district activist created a unique and colourful Easter postcards. In total, around 100 little pieces of art were made out of newspaper clippings, buttons, lace, even napkins and wallpapers! Each ingenious postcard included Easter wishes for the Nowa Huta citizens and a special gift.

- We decided to surprise citizens of the Nowa Huta district. Together with our active seniors, full of optimism and positive energy, we walked to the Rose Alley and the Central Square in Nowa Huta and then started to give out the handmade Easter postcards, along with a special gift – garden cress –  symbol of the coming spring – adds Marzena Rogozik, communications and community engagement, ArcelorMittal Poland.

By creating these unique postcards, seniors proved how great potential and ideas they can offer. Organizing the creative workshops is enough to unleash this potential and bring smile to faces of citizens, who were delighted to receive something extraordinary.

- Among the seniors, there are many former employees of the Krakow’s plant. It is important that ArcelorMittal Poland does not forget about them. In our times, seniors want to be and are active. Such workshops are the perfect example of meeting the needs of elderly persons – underlines Wiesława Zboroch, chancellor of the Council of Seniors in Krakow, who also participated in the workshops.