Ecology for every age – whether you are junior or senior


UKS Stokfis Trzebiesławice is a small and local sports club full of passionate members, who on a daily basis, encourage inhabitants of the Dąbrowa Górnicza district of Trzebiesławice and the surrounding areas to be more active in spending their leisure time. By obtaining the ‘green minigrant’ they have proved to be environmentally friendly and that sports and ecology have a lot in common.

The project they have established, within the framework of a programme ‘I act, I help, I am a volunteer’ is aimed at sharing knowledge about the environment, preventing pollution and shaping pro-ecological and health-promoting behaviours, as well as replacing bad habits with healthy ones. The volunteers have inspired many and proved that anyone can take those actions.

From June until the end of September, they have been organizing bike tours and walking tours to localize illegal landfill sites. They cleaned up some of the dumping sites, where it was only possible,  and the larger ones were marked and reported via “NAPRAWMY TO” website. During these events there was also time for leisure, and each participant, whether a junior or a senior, enjoyed many of the activities, including outdoor games, mushroom picking or a campfire together.

Together with the Voluntary Fire Brigade from Trzebiesławice, volunteers organized a cycle of meetings with citizens, mainly with the youth, to educate them on forest fire hazards, among other topics. The volunteers from ArcelorMittal Poland and firefighters conducted workshops in an appealing and entertaining way. Each participant received snacks and beverages. Also, the firefighter’s picnic gathered many visitors, who listened to the lectures on the environment, health and safety.

The project included actions to transform the closest surroundings of the sports club, planting new trees and shrubs. Now this area turned into a pleasant place for any pedestrian or cyclist who would like to relax and take a rest outdoors. The volunteers already have plans for the future – creating a resting point for cyclists who are taking excursions from Dąbrowa Górnicza to the Jura Upland.