Frederik Van De Velde took up the position of the deputy chief executive officer of ArcelorMittal Poland


Today, on February 1, 2021 Frederik Van De Velde took up the position of the deputy chief executive officer and became a member of the Board of Directors of ArcelorMittal Poland.

Frederik Van De Velde comes from Belgium. Before joining the ArcelorMittal group in 1998 in Gent, as production manager annealing and temper mills, Frederik was an assistant at the University of Gent where he obtained his PhD. In 2002 he became coordinator quality and process technology for the cold rolling works. Later, in 2008, he took on the role of head of customer relations before taking the position of head of blast furnace and sinter plants for ArcelorMittal Gent in 2010.

From 2015 to 2017, Frederik was chief operating officer primary of the Gent/Liège cluster. He was then appointed chief technology officer, ArcelorMittal Europe Flat Products, Business Division North. In his most recent role, since February 2019, Frederik was head of primary processes of ArcelorMittal Europe Flat Products. Frederik is a graduate in electro-mechanical engineering, and he has a PhD in applied sciences from the University of Gent.

- I am glad that Frederik is joining ArcelorMittal Poland and I wish him instant success in his new role. I believe that the enormous experience he has gained in his career will allow him to bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to our team, which are even more valuable now with the pandemic bringing new challenges to our already complex business environment - commented Sanjay Samaddar, chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of ArcelorMittal Poland.