Green and clean around Wanda Mound. Together we took care of this unique place in Nowa Huta


More than 100 Krakow's residents showed up for a family picnic at Wanda Mound organized by ArcelorMittal Poland and the Green City Council in Krakow to celebrate Earth Day. Some have spent all day here, others have done a green stop on the route of the cycling tours or Saturday's walk. Together we cleaned, refreshed and made greener this unique, but a little bit forgotten and neglected place "on a map of Krakow.

An incentive to leave the car at home has brought results. Most of the inhabitants came to the mound on foot, others arrived by public transport or by bike. For the latter, we have prepared a special section, where they could perform, totally free, spring technical check-up, i.e. pump up the wheel or adjust the derailleur and brakes to safely move around on two wheels.

It’s time for environmental enhancement

Before the start of the picnic together we have cleaned Wanda Mound and its surroundings. Everyone joined in, adults, children, even toddlers alike. Residents picked up dozen bags of waste paper, bottles, rubber and waste plastic, which have been handed over to the Municipal Cleaning Company. Part of the Krakow's residents helped also to plant trees in the area of the Wanda Mound, along the fence of the Krakow's steel mill. Sixteen Norway Maple trees donated by ArcelorMittal Poland heralds green changes taking place in the vicinity of Nowa Huta's monument.

- Through a joint action with Krakow's steel mill, we wanted to improve the appearance of Wanda Mound, and its surroundings. Saturday initiative constituted an introduction to subsequent actions planned by us. Together we want to make the mound greener, introduce landscape architecture around, to make this place become a showcase of Nowa Huta again - says Piotr Kempf, Director of the Green City Council in Krakow.

New benches, litter bins and wooden sun loungers will appear around the Wanda Mound, while ArcelorMittal Poland will take care of greenery that will interact with the environment, and showcase the mound itself. Work to regenerate the surroundings of the mound will start in the autumn. In the mean time to make atmosphere more pleasant residents painted the old benches.

Sunny weather was perfect for a picnic, hence after work all participants received picnic food from ArcelorMittal Poland volunteers and could relax on lounge chairs or on blankets. Everyone could also enjoy juicy apples, straight from wooden boxes.

It is time for historical and environmental education

A joint effort for a cleaner Wanda Mound was important, so was ecological education thanks to which children learn good habits. Stories told by Mr Jacek Górski the Director of the Archaeological Museum in Krakow raised huge interest among adults and children alike. Mr Górski passionately talked about the past of Nowa Huta's region, mammoth bones found in the area, historical burials, the legend of Wanda Mound, and even about favourite dishes of prehistoric ancestors of residents of Nowa Huta. Najwierniejsi słuchacze otrzymali nawet egzemplarze jego książki „Prastara Nowa Huta”. There were also competitions related to Earth Day and the work of Steelworkers: children were throwing steel mill worker glove, or competed in "Save water" relay.

- We are glad that picnic was attended by so many residents who wanted to not only relax, but also join forces to restore the shine to the surroundings of Wanda Mound - says Ms Jolanta Zawitkowska, Eco-Ambassador of ArcelorMittal Poland in Krakow. - We constantly invest in environmental solutions and modernize installations in the Krakow's steel mill, to limit our impact on the environment, but we also do not forget about what's on the other side of our fence for which we also feel responsible. Therefore we took part in Green City Council's Project dedicated to management of Wanda Mound area. Hence, for the start, during the picnic, we wanted to show how precious and valuable is this place as well as importance of taking good care of it for all of us - she adds.