ArcelorMittal Poland and the City of Krakow Office continue cooperation for cleaner air in Krakow


ArcelorMittal Poland and the City of Krakow Office continue cooperation for cleaner air in Krakow. ArcelorMittal Poland has funded more bonuses for the first 500 residents who will replace non-ecological heat sources this year using the municipal funding program. As part of the cooperation with the magistrate, launched last year, ArcelorMittal Poland, Krakow unit has already paid 1,000 such bonuses worth PLN 150, and from scrap recovered from old furnaces has produced over 100 bicycle stands for Krakow schools. Soon, additional supports for bicycles will appear in the public space.

We are constantly modernizing the Krakow steel plant, limiting its impact on the environment. So far, we have invested PLN 3 billion, reducing dust emissions by 90%.  After the liquidation of the vast majority of old hearths, Krakow, as the first city in Poland, can eliminate this type of heating. That's why we want to continue to support the efforts of residents and the City of Krakow, continuing our cooperation and paying bonuses as an incentive to replace furnaces - says Geert Verbeeck, chief operating officer and vice president of the board of ArcelorMittal Poland. - We manufacture steel bike racks from old stoves, which in this form "come back" to the residents and encourage them to use the bicycle as an ecological means of transport - adds the vice president of ArcelorMittal Poland.

We have several months left to completely eliminate old coal-fired furnaces in Krakow - reminds the Mayor of Krakow, Jacek Majchrowski. - Since 2014, when we started the exchange program, the residents of Kraków have already lost nearly 20,000 such non-ecological heat sources. We are already on the final straight, the more so the additional support from ArcelorMittal is valuable to us. Together, we support the city residents in the exchange of ovens, which in the steel plant turn into useful bicycle stands - adds President Majchrowski. After completing all the formalities and obtaining an official certificate from the magistrate from March 1, you will be able to report to the cash register located in the building at ul. Mrozowa 1 and get a 150 PLN bonus there. Information on the program can be obtained by calling the helpline: 800 889 878 active on working days in hours. 8.30-15.30.