ArcelorMittal Poland rewarded AGH students who overcome barriers


For seven years,ArcelorMittal Poland, unit in Kraków as part of the "STEEL breaking the barriers" competition, has funded scholarships for active students of AGH with disabilities. In this edition, students who work for their disabled colleagues were also awarded for the first time.

In total, from the beginning of the competition for scholarships for talented and committed students, the ArcelorMittal Poland steel plant allocated PLN 150,000. Their achievements prove that studying is not only about learning, but also about developing your skills, helping others and finding new layers of talent and passion.- Cooperation between the Office for Disabled People and ArcelorMittal Poland began in 2012. Then, for the first time, we jointly organized a scholarship competition "STEEL breaking the barriers" for students with disabilities - says Anna Lulek from the Office for Disabled People of the AGH University of Science and Technology. - Over the seven editions of the competition, 23 AGH students have already received scholarships, who despite their health limitations have demonstrated, among other things, scientific, sport and social activities. The total amount of scholarships for them amounted to PLN 150,000. Last year, developing the idea of ​​the competition, we directed it to all AGH students who helped their colleagues with disabilities. This is not only an opportunity to appreciate the work of students, but also to strengthen motivation and activation to work for the benefit of others - she adds.

Scholarships, PLN 30,000 in total  were granted in two categories: for students with disabilities who break their barriers and act socially and for students who work for disabled AGH colleagues.- Every year I look with great pleasure at the achievements of more students who have won a scholarship in the program "STEEL breaking the barriers". Although they are young people affected by various disabilities, they prove at every step that they still draw their lives full of life and are able to give even more from themselves. Their achievements, successes and passions are proof that if you really want something, there is no obstacle that you could not overcome to achieve it. Scholarships are a form of thanks for their attitude and a good example for others - emphasizes Karolina Muza-Adamiec, the head of the Office of Corporate Responsibility at ArcelorMittal Poland.