Modern turbines will produce clean energy at TAMEH power plant


TRT (Top pressure recovery Turbine) will be installed for the first time in Poland at TAMEH power plant in Dąbrowa Górnicza. Turbines will produce energy in an ecological way without emissions of dust or gases.

Two turbines (each weighing 81 tonnes) resembling wind mills in operation, will be assembled to modernized installation of the blast furnace gas.  The turbines will be dedicated to two blast furnaces operating in Dąbrowa Górnicza. Both turbines have just arrived in Dabrowa Górnicza and are being assembled.

Before arriving in Dabrowa Górnicza, they travelled a really long distance. The starting point was in Japan, where they were produced, and then they travelled via China, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Greece and Germany and finally reached Gdańsk. From Gdańsk they were transported to Dabrowa Górnicza by land. It was a very unusual transport, to let the turbine in, part of gate no 4 had to be disassembled.

Energy without emissions and costs

Until now, TAMEH power plant was producing energy out of blast furnace gas, the pressure of which had to be reduced. - Now at the same place where we used to reduce gas, we will install TRT, powered by compressed blast furnace gas to produce energy – explains Artur Łój, project manager at the Investment Office in TAMEH POLSKA. – TRT technology is completely emission free, it will not impact the environment – he adds.  

Each turbine is 12,5 MW, so together they have the capacity of 25 MW. In order to produce the same amount of energy from natural resources, it would be necessary to burn 45 thousand tonnes of coal annually, so an equivalent of 900 wagons. The emission would amount to 90 tonness of SO2 and NOX and 9 tonnes of dust.

TRT turbines are the first installation of this kind in Poland. There are a few hundred of them in the world, mainly in Asia. In Europe there are merely a few dozen of them. In Dąbrowa Górnicza power plant, turbines will allow to increase the amount of generated energy without cost increase and without emissions.

The turbines placed in containers 4,5 m wide; 5 m high and 8 m long are just being assembled. After completing the works, it will be necessary to install generators, pipelines, and connect turbines to the blast furnace gas installation – We have adjusted the assembly dates to the schedule of the blast furnace operation in order to take advantage of planned standstills and not to disturb the work flow – Artur Łój explains.

This investment, is to be finalized still this year. The general contractor is the  consortium of  Primetals and Eko Energia from Kraków, but apart from them, many companies from the region are involved in this project. Every day about 100 people are working at the construction site. The value of the project exceeds PLN 100 m.