Modernization of power plant in ArcelorMittal Poland’s Unit in Sosnowiec near completion


The major modernization projects in the power plant in ArcelorMittal Poland’s Unit in Sosnowiec has just been completed. Amounted to nearly PLN 11 m, new dedusting and desulphurization installations meet the rigorous European emission standards and will help to reduce sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and dust emissions. Currently the commissioning of two new industrial fan cooling towers, which are built to ensure repeatable cooling conditions, important in sustaining desirable quality of produced products in the plant and in improving operational conditions of particular devices, is underway. The final investment of the modernization, worth around PLN 3.2 m, is expected to be completed in the middle of this year.

The modern dedusting and desulphurization installation and the combustion control system is a major investment, which is carried out in order to meet the requirements of the Industrial Emissions Directive currently in force. Thanks to the investment the particulate matter emission was reduced by more than 50 tonnes/year, sulphur dioxide by nearly 300 tonnes/year and nitrogen oxides by almost 30 tonnes/year.

For the new desulphurization installation a special absorbing substances were applied, so-called calcareous sorbents, and for the dedusting installation – bag filters.

- We have also improved boilers efficiency, which resulted in reducing the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere and in obtaining nitrogen oxides levels below the acceptable limits – underlines Janusz Kantor, plant director in Sosnowiec.

It is worth mentioning, that heat from the plant is not only used to supply its installations, but also distributed to households, neighbouring schools and a kindergarten, a nursing house and other industrial facilities.

The cost of the dedusting and desulphurization installations amounted to nearly PLN 11 m. To carry out this investment ArcelorMittal Poland has received a loan from the Regional Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. Now is undertaking another investment – construction of two new fan cooling towers.

Cooling for higher efficiency

125 thousand square metres – this is the amount of circulating water in the plant’s closed cooling circuit. In warm-season ambient temperature is higher, therefore the cooling process is less effective – says Szymon Krause, support manager in ArcelorMittal Poland in Sosnowiec.

High temperature water is insufficient for cooling production facilities and devices. The new system of fan cooling will help to decrease cooling water down to 32°C maximum, allowing higher efficiency and reliability of production. The installation tests are scheduled to take place in the middle of the year.
In Sosnowiec, simultaneously to the commissioning of new fan cooling towers, the modernization of central compressor station has entered its final phase. The investment worth nearly PLN 3 m is a maintenance-free installation, designed to sustain its operations even in case of an emergency situation. 
Another multi-million investment will start in autumn this year in the plant - the modernization of wire rod mill in Sosnowiec.

The cost of the project amounts to almost PLN 120 m. The investment will improve the line reliability and will allow for improvement of quality of the products offered and for the increase of the rolling speed to 100 m per second. As a result of this, the mill’s capacity will increase from 700 thousand to 800 thousand tonnes per year.