Our steel, your world – the 2018 Sustainability Report is already online


Our steel, your world- this is a title of 9th Sustainability Report of ArcelorMittal Poland.

Steel creates our world both as modern fabric used in huge constructions and home appliances and by steel producers, socially responsible companies which create places of work and support activities of local communities, direct neighbors of steel plants. The 2018 Sustainability Report evolves around local and business issues, focuses on our priorities like safety at the place of work, environmental investments, production of value added steel and company’s engagement in local issues.

-  Sustainability is more the a word is a commitment it is an obligation to society, to company’s stakeholders: employees, local communities, authorities, customers, suppliers. I am glad that this is something that has become very important and discussed broadly in today’s business world. At ArcelorMittal Poland we treat sustainability and transparency with the utmost seriousness – says Geert Verbeeck, chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of ArcelorMittal Poland.

The report is available here.