One thousand flowers in exchange for waste paper


It appears that many employees from ArcelorMittal unit in Krakow are enthusiastic gardeners, who care about the greenery on their own balconies and gardens. Right before the “plant in exchange for waste paper” action started, people had already been standing in a queue for a while.  Many of residents from the Nowa Huta district brought boxes of waste paper to exchange it for heathers seedlings. For each 2.5 kilos of waste paper, one piece of heather was given.

Our company has been supporting such pro-ecological solutions for many years now. The idea behind the “plant in exchange for waste paper” action is to attract attention on waste segregation and treatment. It was not the first initiative of this kind. A few years ago, we were already exchanging seedlings, that time, for used batteries and electronic waste – malfunctioning electronic equipment – and those initiatives were well received the community, underlines Anna Bochenek, communications and local dialogue.

According to the statistics, each of us produces 300 kg of waste annually. Only a smart part of it is recycled. As of 1 July, a new legislation on waste segregation was introduced in Poland, and from then on, waste had been divided into four main classes, in accordance with European Union law. The recommendations of the European Commission are to reach 50 percent of reuse of paper, plastics, metals and glass. Today this level is around 25 percent.