Over 1000 residents of Strzemieszyce took part in medical check-ups funded by ArcelorMittal Poland


Medical check-ups in Strzemieszyce- we are listening to residents’ needs

During a meeting with residents of Strzemieszyce in June last year, cardiological and pulmonological problems were signalized by residents. That is why, we decided to support an initiative of medical check-ups for residents. Cardiological tests were carried out in the second half of 2016. It was assumed that it would take 2 weeks and 400 people would be examined. The medical check-ups were so popular that over 1000 people signed in and the initiative was prolonged. 840 people in total were examined out of which 559 women and 281 men. Right now another phase is on the way- pulmonological check-ups. In the nearest future, allergological tests for kids are planned.

This project is very well received by residents of Strzemieszyce, who appreciate the support from ArcelorMittal Poland- says Jacek Sobczyk, chairman of Strzemieszyce Association.