The employees of the ArcelorMittal Poland steel plant once again helped the residents clean up the Dłubnia River and sort out the area


Nearly a hundred residents of Nowa Huta and activists from various parts of Poland, including several dozen employees of ArcelorMittal Poland Kraków unit, cleaned the banks of the Dłubnia River. Effect? Over 150 full bags including cans and bottles, and hundreds of kilos of large-sized garbage.

In addition to used tires, old shoes, washbasins and bathroom tiles, the residents also found juicers, inhalers and armchairs. #CzystaDłubnia campaign was organized for the fifth time by the Nowa Huta EcoTravel Foundation. This year, not only residents, social activists, employees of ArcelorMittal Poland, but also specialists specializing in cleaning rivers joined who came all the way from Masuria. They were pulling out huge garbage from the bottom of the river using special magnets. Almost 2.5 hectares of difficult and littered terrain was a real challenge. Saturday's action of cleaning the shores of Dłubnia was coordinated by Marcin Pawlik, a Nowa Huta naturalist and the head of the EcoTravel Foundation, who for several years took care of the cleanliness of the Nowa Huta river, encouraging friends to help.- I am glad to see great people who are deeply engaged in cleaning up Dłubnia. From year to year, veterans, who have always supported the campaign, are joined by other residents willing to do something useful for Nowa Huta nature. It's good that there are more and more of us - says Marcin Pawlik, the head of the EcoTravel Foundation. - Each of the participants of this action today did something amazing for Dłubnia, Nowa Huta, for Kraków - he adds.

The heavily littered area required cleaning, and trash lying there for years spoiled the image of picturesque, riverside paths.- This year, not only our employees, but also their families joined in the initiative of river cleaning. Families formed well-matched teams and it was nice to see how engaged they were. We all wanted to clean up this area, in the end the Kraków steel plant is adjacent to Dłubnia, and many of our employees live in the area and enjoy the charms of this place - says Tomasz Dziwniel, board member and chief operating officer flat and quality department at ArcelorMittal Poland, who was cleaning the river. - We are pleased that we could contribute to the elimination of wild dumps, give a good example to others and a lesson in environmental education for the youngest - he adds. After the action, all participants could eat a warm meal from ArcelorMittal Poland and drink hot tea.

- You can see that the need to take care of your surroundings is getting stronger. Residents increasingly take matters into their own hands and try to take care of the environment as part of such social actions. However, it is a pity that these activists must repair the mistakes of irresponsible neighbors. We hope that such actions will make Krakow people aware that nature must be taken care of all the time. We are proud of all residents and companies that are involved in this useful initiative - says Łukasz Pawlik, deputy director of the Board of Zielen Miejska in Krakow, who supports the cleaning of Dłubnia.