Statement of ArcelorMittal Poland regarding BF modernization in Dąbrowa Górnicza


ArcelorMittal Poland categorically denies the information issued by “Solidarność” stating that the decision on giving up the complete overhaul of blast furnace no. 2 in Dabrowa Gornicza results from the fact that ArcelorMittal is to acquire the Ilva plant in Italy. ArcelorMittal Poland finds this statement totally disconnected from the reality, at a time when the company is spending phenomenal amount on modernization, research and innovation projects on top of a huge sum of PLN 700 m allocated for environmental footprint reduction. The ILVA acquisition has no impact whatsoever on the investment program of ArcelorMittal Poland – which remains robust and significant, despite the huge risks associated with the forthcoming phase 4 of EU ETS (Emissions Trading Scheme) regime, and unfair imports from countries which are not impacted by ETS.

It is true, however, that a decision has been made on a repair of blast furnace no. 2. which shall extend its life time by a few years and that this decision results from the new regulations in the scope of EU ETS.

- We need to be prudent. The fact that the 4th phase of the EU ETS is coming into force constitutes a serious threat to the competitiveness of the European steelmaking. The necessity to buy the rights for carbon dioxide emissions shall have a disastrous effect on the cost structure of European steelmakers. Such costs will not be borne by steel producers from outside the EU and one needs to bear in mind that steel is traded globally – explains Sanjay Samaddar, chairman of the board of ArcelorMittal Poland. – Under this scenario the decision to spend huge amount of money on the complete overhaul of blast furnace no. 2 in Dabrowa Gornicza is not economically justified, and therefore remains an object of further evaluation, as we have stated before – he adds.

The new regulations in the scope of EU ETS come into force in 2021. ArcelorMittal Poland shall take the decision on the final footprint of its plant in Dabrowa Gornicza after the company has more visibility as for the impact of EU ETS on its operations.

ArcelorMittal Poland’s plant in Dabrowa Gornicza employs 4,000 persons. Currently, two blast furnaces, three converters and two rolling mills operate here.