Świętochłowice plant celebrates 190 years of operation


ArcelorMittal Poland Świętochłowice Unit, former Huta Florian, is famous for producing top-notch flat steel products: galvanized and organically coated steel sheets. Nowadays, it is a cutting-edge and fully modernized production site, which, however faced many problems in its long history. In February the plant celebrates 190 years of operation.

ArcelorMittal Poland has invested in the plant in total around PLN 150 m, and the major part of this amount was spent on a new modern organic coating line. Thanks to the investment, after 190 years of its existence, in Świętochłowice Unit, high-quality products are now developed and produced, including galvanized and organically coated steel sheets, which can be transformed into many other products, including steel sheet tiles used for roofing houses or into facade steel panels for cladding the facades of industrial buildings, production halls, warehouses and supermarkets.

The plant was founded in 1828 in Świętochłowice, on the site of an old mill bought with the land for 800 thalers. Two years later the production of iron ingots started. The plant has gone through many ownership changes over the 190 years including a period of control by the state and many private entrepreneurs. Today, the plant is a part of ArcelorMittal, the leading steel company in the world, but has not lost its local Silesian character, emphasizes Krzysztof Oleś, plant director. – Our team is bonded, working side by side every day, supporting one another, just like in a family. Joining the largest steel group in the world resulted in investments and modernization changes, yet we have not forgotten our tradition – he adds.

The company is actively undertaking and contributing to many regional initiatives, such as “All Together, All Equal”, a cycle of events conducted in July 2017 to consolidate local communities with the aim of helping children with illnesses. In the last years, the company organized up to 60 sessions of corporate volunteering in Świętochłowice.

- Former Huta Florian remains one of the most important plants in the city and the region. For nearly two centuries, generations of citizens of Świętochłowice have been working here and the plant underwent a major metamorphosis to produce the highest quality steel sheets. At the same time, our employees are uniformly hardworking, diligent and committed. As a mayor of Świętochłowice, it delights me to have in our city such a thriving plant, where high class products are being created. ArcelorMittal Poland Unit in Świętochłowice is also an outstanding example of corporate responsibility, supporting local schools and kindergartens and engaging in many other undertakings in the city – says, Dawid Kostempski, mayor of Świętochłowice.

ArcelorMittal Poland Unit in Świętochłowice employees over 400 people.