Technical High School in Dąbrowa Górnicza with new equipment for computer labs thanks to ArcelorMittal Poland


Thanks to the support from ArcelorMittal Poland, the school was equipped with new hardware components for the computer lab, including 3 multimedia projectors, 8 routers and computer wiring.

- From our educational offer, a profile of IT technician remains the most popular choice among the school candidates – says Robert Karlik, school director. - In our facility we have prepared 10 computer labs for our pupils, and we will continue investing in new equipment to meet the expectations of the educational market. There are many subjects with the high number of teaching hours, which are mainly focused on practical education, for example computer networks classes. We provide various computer and laboratory exercises, such as: connecting and disconnecting devices, crimping cable ends, connection quality tests etc. Teaching classes where theoretical aspects are combined with practice pays off, which is reflected in positive results of professional qualifying exams of our pupils.

According to the school board, and having in mind rapid technological changes, peripheral devices should be replaced every second year. Intensive use of computer equipment causes hardware failures, and must be therefore decommissioned. The school has invested in basic computer lab equipment, facility renovation, new furniture and 14 working stations. Thanks to the support of ArcelorMittal Poland, the modern computer lab now specializes in computer networks.

The computer lab, which hosts computer networks classes, is used by pupils (working in groups up to 14 students) every day for 6-7 hours. It means weekly over 400 pupils can attend classes in that facility, excluding extracurricular activities.

The computer lab, which is a specialized facility dedicated to computer networks, was launched on the 1st of September, 2017. The additional equipment was installed on the 20th of November, 2017.

- We hope all pupils will benefit from this computer lab – says, Karolina Muza-Adamiec, Head of Corporate Responsibility, ArcelorMittal Poland.