The Malopolska Labour Market Award for ArcelorMittal Poland


A prestigious distinction for ArcelorMittal Poland and an impetus to try even harder; we are proud to receive an award in the contest organised by the Regional Labour Office in Krakow and the Regional Centre for Social Policy in Krakow. The award recognizes the exemplary efforts of employers in creating labour conditions favourable for work-life balance.

ArcelorMital Poland received the Malopolska Labour Market Award in the category: “Employer with 250 or more employees”.

The award committee assessed employers from Malopolska region on how they comply with the labour law and on introducing additional social benefits for employees to support them in achieving work-life balance and to create sustainable conditions for combining professional responsibilities with family duties.

- I am very glad to notice that more and more entrepreneurs from Malopolska region, including small and medium-size companies, as well as family-owned business are becoming aware of the work-life balance benefits for both employees and employers - underlined during the award ceremony Wojciech Kozak, deputy speaker of the Malopolska Region, responsible for social policy.

The majority of blue-collar workers in ArcelorMittal Poland work in so-called 4-shift system. White-collar workers spend their time at work, depending on individual arrangements, from 7am till 3pm or 8am till 4pm. They are also offered a flexible work schedule and can decide what hour they want to start their workday.  

For some job positions the system of task-based working time can be used and recently we are introducing so-called home office system, which allows office employees to work from home temporarily and to a limited extend, using company’s equipment.

- In addition, in ArcelorMittal Poland employees who come back from maternity leave or parental leave, in accordance with the existing legislation, can reduce working hours based on their needs and return to previously established working hours without any concern – assures Monika Roznerska, HR director, ArcelorMittal Poland. – Also, for children of the blue-collar workers we opened two company kindergartens in Krakow and Dąbrowa Górnicza, which are adjusted to working hours of the parents and open from 5.30am - she adds.

The company kindergartens are fully equipped and a great emphasis is put on diversity in learning. - Varied teaching programme offers children excellent growth opportunities, including classes of: English, eurhythmics, dance, visual arts, speech therapist consultations, physiotherapy exercises, using the Good Start method, the Montessori method, E.E. Gordon method etc. Each year 100 per cent of parents are satisfied with educational services provided and they would recommend our kindergartens to their acquaintances – says Katarzyna Kulik, Our Children Foundation chairman.

- ArcelorMittal Poland subsidizes many services for the children of our employees, including summer and winter camps, as well as holiday grants for disabled children – says Monika Roznerska. – But there is much more. Our employees can also benefit from many periodic workshops we provide, trainings and consultations with many specialists, e.g. child psychologist, speech therapist. To meet the needs of both parents and children, topics of the meetings are consulted with the employees, based on the conducted survey – she adds.

In order to support healthy growth of children they can also undergo preventive and free medical check-ups: dental, orthopaedic, consultations with nutritionist etc.

Besides that, our employees can participate in free language classes available at all levels and finished with an exam, join the employee pension program (in which 90 per cent of all employees are participating), or receive financial aid and compensation of holidays, excursions, theatre, cinema, concerts and swimming pool tickets refund, and many more.

ArcelorMittal Poland supports and promotes diversity at the workplace – for women we ran Women@ArcelorMittal Poland development programme and for young experts and engineers - maSzTALent. Every year Health and Safety department is organizing Health Week to promote health education and sport activities, regular medical check-ups and „Schudnij z nami” weight-loose training programme.

- We established the Foundation for Health Protection to provide help in cases of urgent need and to support employees by reimbursing medical expenses. We also run a preventive examinations program focused on establishing healthy habits among our employees - underlines Katarzyna Karcz-Mączka, Foundation for Health Protection chairman.

Also, in ArcelorMittal Poland employees have an additional day off on the occasion of the steelworkers’ day and the company organizes picnics in Dąbrowa Górnicza, Krakow and Zdzieszowice for them and their families.