A very intense year went to its end in Zdzieszowice


A very intense year went to its end in Zdzieszowice, letting behind it the achievement of some modernisation work in the coke plant, driving at the forefront the path to industrial emissions that have been cut beyond laws requirements, emphasising the plant’s commitment to further reduce its environmental impact. In parallel, the company carried out many corporate responsibility initiatives. Read below to know more about these investments.

Many initiatives have been carried on last year in our facilities in Zdzieszowice. Among them it is important to mention the modernisation of the dedusting system for batteries nos. 5 and 6, worth together seven million PLN. The installation from the 80’s needed indeed overhaul to meet the best available technologies (BAT) requirements requested by the industrial emissions directive (IED).  At the beginning of September 2018, the installation was commissioned and since then, the dust emissions have been four times lower than required by law.

Coke sorting plant was also equipped with new dedusting installation. The repair of coke battery no. 5 was carried out for a project amounting 58 million PLN. New ceramic lining of chambers and replacement of equipment will increase the operating efficiency of this installation. Addtional modernisation which will further reduce the environmental impact of the plant is already planned for 2019.

“2018 was a very intense year for us,” says Czesław Sikorski, member of the board of directors and chief operating officer, coke making and special projects at ArcelorMittal Poland. “Minimising our footprint has been a priority for years already. In 2017, we spent 205 million PLN to modernise our by-product department and adjusted it to BAT regulations two years ahead of the law requirements. In 2018 we focused on another environmental project worth 100 m PLN.”

In 2018 the process of damping started in the oldest coke batteries located close to residential buildings in Zdzieszowice. No more than six coke batteries will be in operation in the coke plant, as coke battery no. 4 was stopped in September and coke battery no. 3 will be stopped this quarter. This has a positive impact on the dust emissions, that will be lower by 18 percent and gas emission by 17 percent.

Final stage of biological water treatment plant was completed where industrial and municipal sewage is treated from Zdzieszowice, Lesnica and Walce. New innovative method of water treatment guarantees high efficiency of the process by complying to EU directive on emissions.    

ArcelorMittal Poland supported as well ten corporate responsibility projects in the area worth 500,000 PLN. Three elementary schools were granted support as well as 19 residents of Zdzieszowice who lost their apartments in a fire just before Christmas. The company also engaged in financing repair of damaged road fom Lesnica to Krasowa.

“Real value of our support is not only money on a bank account,” says Karolina Muza, head of corporate responsibility office at ArcelorMittal Poland. “We also measure long-term effects on the emotions, smiles and words of gratitude, from all those who thanks to our support improved their living comfort.”