Health week 2019


Charity March&Run in Kraków, Dąbrowa Górnicza and Zdzieszowice combined with sport activities like shot-put and darts, additionally tennis competition, steelworkers run, special competition for runners and cyclists with the use of Endomondo app, flue vaccination for employees and their families and lab tests refunded by Health Protection Foundations in Krakow and Dąbrowa Górnicza – these were all activities planned for this year edition of health week

- Health week is only an occasion to remind how important our health and well-being is. Health is not an app which we have on our phones, which we turn on getting into work. Health is an effect of what we eat, how we spend time after work, how we deal with problems and how we take care after ourselves. One week is not enough to raise our awareness, knowledge but this time is enough to give a hint what to do and give an impulse for a change. This was the main aim of this year activities, especially the new ones connected with Endomondo app – says Beata Łęgowiak-Szota, support manager at H&S office.

To win health with tennis racket

On 21st of September tennis player started their competition first in groups, which allowed each player to take part in four games. Then four players took part in the finals. 

They marched for kids
In our March&run initiative 1176 participants took part. They covered a distance of 6904 kilometers. In this year edition our employees were running for 13 kids. In Dąbrowa Górnicza unit about 583 employees participated. In Zdzieszowice employees were covering the longest distance, on average 8,4 km per person. In Kraków 302 participants took part and in Zdzieszowice 291.  

In the competition of  shot-put and darts 470 people took part. In the Endomondo competition 75 people participated and they managed to cover a distance of 15 837 km and burn 650 771 calories. The best individual result in the category bike is 1821,64 km, in the category- running - 195,03 km and in nordic walking category 205,95 km.