Visit the Winter Garden of ArcelorMittal and make New Year’s resolutions (#dobrepostanowienia)


On 13th and 14th of January, in front of the Nowa Huta Cultural Centre in Krakow a truly unique space will be created – the Winter Garden of ArcelorMittal. Visitors will enjoy a variety of activities, including an air-cleansing plants exhibition, art workshops on how to create gardens in a glass, upcycling workshops and healthy eating classes. Also, they will be given an opportunity to participate in discussions about various methods of fighting air pollution. The event is designed to promote pro-ecological actions. Participants who decide to make their new year’s resolutions via #dobrepostanowienia will receive air-cleansing plants.

The Winter Garden of ArcelorMittal, and accompanying New Year’s resolutions (#dobrepostanowienia) initiative, is a two-day event designed to enhance the environmental awareness and to promote the idea that together we can reduce the negative effects of polluted air.

Exhibition and workshops for adults and children
The main attraction of the Winter Garden of ArcelorMittal is an air-cleansing plants exhibition, organized by specialists from the Floral Academy. The event’s programme includes art workshops on how to create gardens in glass containers and for those who would like to find out more about the role of diet in fighting air pollution, a dedicated meeting with dieticians will take place. For the youngest visitors the organizers prepared a play area and games inside of the Winter Garden, as well as the upcycling workshops, during which children will design adornments from PET bottles.

A plant for the New Year’s resolutions (#dobrepostanowienia)
Participants who will decide to make pro-ecological New Year’s resolutions (#dobrepostanowienia) will, in return, receive an air-filtering plants. It will help them to keep their resolutions. They can decide, for example, to commit themselves to segregate domestic waste, use more frequently public transport, cycling to work, or to give up single-use plastic carrier bags when shopping at supermarkets.