Work with us in ArcelorMittal Poland! We are recruiting not only automation specialists and programmers


In a short interview we ask Agnieszka Woźniak, head of GEDP, Recruitment and Training, what kind of employees our company is seeking for.

Autumn is usually a time of intense recruitment in our company. This year, the process was additionally boosted by the legislation allowing earlier retirement.

This year, indeed, there are many vacancies we are recruiting for. It is definitely a consequence of our efforts to bridge the generation gap in the company. We have been also experiencing more retirements than previously predicted. We are recruiting for various positions, both for white-collar workers and shop floor workers. So far we have employed over 400 people in ArcelorMittal Poland, Sanpro Synergy and ABC, as well as in other subsidiaries of the Group: Commercial Long, Tubular Products and CTS (Customer Technical Service). At this moment there are over 200 vacancies open, 50 of them for specialists.

In what areas we are recruiting for?

We are looking for project managers to join the Engineering Office, professionals with experience in project management, who hold a university degree in mechanics and electrical engineering.

The second group of candidates are automation specialists and programmers who will pursue their careers in the Automation Office, Industrial Computing and Modelling. These are our main recruiting projects.

We are also seeking for shop floor specialists, mainly mechanists and electricians in the area of maintenance, metallurgists, process engineers, basically for all of our units. From our candidates we require a diploma in technical sciences, at least two years of experience and a good command of English.

What skills and personality the perfect candidate should have?

We are looking for candidates who are willing to develop their skills, who take up challenges. They have to be open to change, but more importantly they need to drive changes in the organization to help it grow. A good command of English is equally important as we are working in an international environment. 

How does the recruitment process look like?

In the Silesia and Maloposka regions we are facing with an increased demand for employees, which results in an excessive competition among the companies in that field. The most talented and skilled specialists receive many job opportunities and are quickly disappearing from the market. That is why the recruitment process has to be as rapid and efficient as it can. A successful process is based on the role of recruiter, who is searching for suitable candidates, as well as on the role of manager, who can select and verify all necessary skills and competences they hold. We are making our best efforts to simplify the process, inviting candidates for not more than two meetings before the final decision is taken. Timing is key, postponing decisions goes against us.

How do we promote our company on the labour market and how do we attract potential candidates?

We want to attract candidates by showing them how reliable and solid company we are, the company with a bright future. We put a great emphasis on how we are transforming our business, going digital and automating our processes. We also underline our influence on how ArcelorMittal can shape the future.  

We are present at recruitment fairs and many events organized by schools and universities, such as AGH University of Science and Technology, Silesian University of Technology, Cracow University of Technology. With those universities we have established a permanent cooperation, proposing students internships and apprenticeships. Recruitment fairs are a great way to meet potential candidates and simply know them better. Each time our exhibition stand is visited by hundreds of young people.

What benefits ArcelorMittal Poland has to offer to future employees?

Newcomers will receive exactly the same package of benefits as the rest of our employees, including a wide range of social benefits, meal subsidies, Multisport programme card, additional health insurance plan and employee pension programme. The company has also opened two company kindergartens for children of the employees – in Kraków and Dąbrowa Górnicza.

Each employee can participate in various ongoing projects in the company. We offer many possibilities of personal development and we help in shaping a satisfying personalized career path to all of those who take the initiative and are committed to develop their own skills.