ArcelorMittal Poland recognised as a sustainable company


ArcelorMittal Poland has been awarded as a ”sustainable responsible company”. Our Polish colleagues were recently granted with the Golden Leaf by Polityka Weekly, one of the country's biggest selling weekly newsmagazine.

The weekly along with Deloitte major consulting company carried out a survey on sustainability amongst the biggest companies in Poland.  This year, the survey was carried out as per ISO2600 and 111 companies filled it in. Areas such as human rights, corporate governance, environment protection, employee relations, corporate responsibility and customer service were evaluated.

In this year’s edition of corporate social responsibility leaflets, 73 companies were recognised, out of which 41 were granted with a White Leaf, 19 a Silver one and 13 – with ArcelorMittal Poland amongst them – the Golden one.

The companies recognised by the award demonstrate a strong expertise in managing safety, data protection, community engagement and environmental footprint, and this awareness is translated into a comprehensive range of actions.

Last year, we received a Silver Leaf and, this year, we deserved a Golden one. It shows that our efforts in sustainable development bring results. We continuously take up new challenges so as not to stay behind. We follow the path of sustainable development consequently,” says Magdalena Kuśmierz from Corportate Responsibility office.