Sustainable development is at the heart of our purpose: Inventing smarter steels for a better world

Sustainable development lays at the foundation of our activities and our target, which is to create smarter steel for people and planet. Development of steel industry is connected with continuous search for solutions which will help us to meet the challenges of fast changing reality. We know that steel will play a crucial role in climate transformation.

Sustainable development: our strategy

Our business is committed to building solutions for the sustainable development of the world. We frame this in our 10 Sustainable Development outcomes, which act as a compass to describe the business we know we must become.

To structure our approach to achieving them, we focus on six themes: product innovation, safety, social, environment, climate change, customer reassurance.

Leading our industry’s efforts to decarbonise

Steel is and will be a fabric of modern world.  Due to its great recycling capabilities, suitability for the electrification of transport or the opportunities it offers for renewable energy infrastructure - steel is the choice of the future. It is important that it is produced in a sustainable way.  

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XCarb™ is designed to bring together all of ArcelorMittal’s reduced, low and zero-carbon products and steelmaking activities, as well as wider initiatives and green innovation projects, into a single effort focused on achieving demonstrable progress towards carbon neutral steel.

Rozwiązania XCarb®

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