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Nasza stal buduje Twój świat.

Znajdziesz ją także w swoim samochodzie, w swojej pralce, lodówce i mikrofalówce.

Inwestujemy, by produkcja była bardziej przyjazna środowisku.

W ubiegłym roku w krakowskiej hucie za ponad pół miliarda złotych unowocześniliśmy nasze instalacje.

W hucie w Dąbrowie Górniczej za 700 mln złotych modernizujemy systemy odpylania w stalowni i spiekalni oraz elektrociepłownię.

W Zdzieszowicach uruchomiliśmy nowy wydział węglopochodnych za 200 mln złotych.

Who we are

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Our History

The history of ArcelorMittal Poland began in March 2004. It was then that the Minister of Treasury and LNM Holdings signed the privatization agreement of Polskie Huty Stali (PHS) holding. Global steel producer owned bv Lakshmi Mittal took over and deeply restructured Polish steelworks restoring their financial liquidity. Thanks to the investment program of a value of 4 billion zlotys the company gave the Polish steel industry a new face. Only in 2004, thanks to actions undertaken by the investor and the economic boom on the steel market, the company reached a record net profit of PLN 1.7 billion.
Two months after privatization of PHS, the Regional Court in Katowice changed the company’s name to Ispat Polska Stal. In February 2005, due to creation of Mittal Steel group, the Regional Court in Katowice accepted the new name of Mittal Steel Poland SA.

2005-2006 – time of construction works
By the end of 2006 Mittal Steel Poland launched three of its strategic investments. These were:

  • the new colour coating line in Świętochłowice,
  • the modernized wire rod mill in Sosnowiec
  • the new continuous casting line in Dąbrowa Górnicza.

Moreover, additional projects were completed: new coke batteries in Zdzieszowice coke plant and modernization of blast furnace no. 2 in Dąbrowa Górnicza.

July 27th, 2007– turning point in the history of Polish steel industry

On this day, Mittal Steel has activated in the plant in Kraków the most modern  hot strip mill in Europe, which gives the company possibilities to gain customers from the most dynamically developing automotive and appliance industries

October 2nd, 2007 - merger of the giants

Due to the merger of the two largest steel producers in the world: Arcelor and Mittal, thus creating the ArcelorMittal group, the name Mittal Steel Poland has been changed to ArcelorMittal Poland.


History of plants belonging to ArcelorMittal Poland

ArcelorMittal Poland Świętochłowice Unit – former Huta Florian

This plan has a history of 170 years! It was founded in 1828 as a “Bethlen-Falva" in Świętochłowice. The plant boasted the most modern then steam-driven equipment, such as blast furnace, puddling furnace with rolling mill, and cupola...

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Former Huta Katowice is today ArcelorMittal Poland’s Unit in Dąbrowa Górnicza

In 2012, this steel plant celebrates its 40th anniversary. Both the first tapping and the first heat at the casting machine at Dabrowa Gornicza plant occurred in 1976. Ten years later the plant was operating at its full capacity thanks to the start-up of blast furnace no.2...

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ArcelorMittal Poland’s Unit in Kraków – historic Huta Sendzimira

The plant in Kraków which was brought to life in 1954, during the first stage of its operations produced merely 1.5 million tonnes of steel per year.

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ArcelorMittal Poland’s Unit in Sosnowiec – from the rolling mill “Count Renard” to Huta Cedler

The historic rolling mill called “Count Renard” was founded in Sosnowiec in early 20th century. The plant operated under this name until 1949...

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Mill with traditions – ArcelorMittal Poland’s Huta Królewska in Chorzow

Few companies can match the history of Huta Królewska as the plant is over 200 years old! On October 25, 1802, the first tapping occurred. In 1843 Chorzow’s mill was one of the first in Europe to be included on the list...

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ArcelorMittal Poland Zdzieszowice Unit - former Zdzieszowice Coke Plant

The history of the facility dates back to 1929 when the Schaffgotsch concern decided to build “Zdzieszowice” coke plant. The first Still type battery with 60 chambers was started up in 1932, the second one in 1938.   more »